5 Things to Know About Konami Dance Revolution

Better known as Dance Dance Revolution, Konami Dance Revolution is the most popular dancing videogame available for all platforms. Started in 1999, Dance Dance revolution has changed the way the world plays video games. Utilizing dance pad technology seen with early Nintendo games, Dance Dance Revolution allows you to actually perform the moves that you need to perform to win the game.

There is plenty to learn about Dance Dance Revolution, including how the game can be played, where the game can be played, and how the game has changed. These five facts about Dance Dance Revolution will help to give you a better understanding of the game.

Different Game Consoles

Dance Dance Revolution has continued to grow and expand, moving to multiple game consoles. Dance Dance Revolution can be played on the following gaming consoles: PlayStation, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, The Dreamcast, Nintendo 64, Xbox, Xbox 360, Gamecube, and the Wii. The game can also be played on PCs.

Different Gaming Pads

There are different gaming pads that you can purchase for Dance Dance Revolution. The most expensive pads are the arcade pads that are used in different arcades. Those who are serious about Dance Dance Revolution can purchase large metal pads for home use. Those who are less serious about their game play can purchase the cheaper floor pad.

Songs Change with Every Game

Those who have never played the game before may be confused as to how the game works. There are various songs that you can play when playing Dance Dance Revolution. You can even download new songs and dances, extending the life of your game.

There is an Easy Mode

If you have never played a dance game before, or if you feel like you cannot dance, do not shy away from Dance Dance Revolution. There are various modes for you to play, including a beginner mode that makes it simple to learn the game and to learn how to dance.

There are Over 10 Games

Konami has continued to release updates for Dance Dance Revolution. These updates have been for both the arcade version of the game and the home version of the game. These different updates feature entire song packages and are completely new video games. Some of these games include Dance Dance Revolution Hottest Party 2, Dance Dance Revolution USA, and the original game of Dance Dance Revolution. There are different versions of the game released in different parts of the world, making for an incredible variety of games available.

Those who are new to the Dance Dance Revolution craze should know that the game is simple to understand and perform. The different levels, songs, and pads make it the perfect game for both beginners and experts alike. Take the time to look into the different games available to understand the options available for the gaming console that you have.

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