Finding Your Way in Mafia Wars

If you are new to Mafia Wars and you are still finding your way around, it would help if you have a guide to help you understand the game faster and easier. Though this online game may look complicated and difficult to understand at first, you’ll surely be hooked once you learn the technicalities and the rules of the game.

So, what do you need to know about the game?

Other than the basics-building your mafia, accomplishing jobs, fighting enemies, and earning money-there are a few more things you have to be familiar with. Among these are the following:


There are different ways by which you can earn money. Other than by accomplishing tasks and fighting, you can also buy properties that earn income for a certain period of time. Sure, properties cost a lot, but they will also give you more income in the long run. You will need to buy a property where you can put up your business (abandoned lot, commercial block, prime downtown lot, or beachfront property). Once you have these, you can choose the business that you can put up in the said space-from delis to houses for rent and restaurants. Once you have one, all you need is to wait for money that you will just have to collect.

The Bank

Whenever you perform jobs or win fights against your enemies in Mafia Wars, you earn money, the amount of which will depend upon the level of job you accomplish and the enemy you fight. If you have properties, these will also give you earnings. You have the option to place your money in the bank. When you do, the bank will deduct 10% of your deposit as fee. Though this percentage might equal to a large sum, there is also a benefit. If you place your money in the bank, you won’t have to lose it when you fight or when you are attacked, so you’ll be given the chance to save it for something you may want to buy, like a property.

The Hospital

As its name implies, the hospital is the place where you heal yourself. You will typically have a full health meter at the beginning of the game. But, as you fight enemies, your health reduces until you will not be able to fight again unless your health is restored. Over time, your health meter increases. But, if you want immediate healing, you can visit the hospital and pay to be able to restore you to full health.

The Godfather

The Godfather is your benefactor. You can exchange the reward points that you earn for certain things the godfather may offer, like extra mafia members or full refill in your health, stamina, or energy.

Energy Packs

These are packs that you can send to your mafia members and they can send to you everyday. When you receive an energy pack, your energy will increase by 25 percent. To get the most out of this, you need to use that energy in performing jobs because the extra energy sent to you only lasts for 24 hours. After that number of hours, you lose any extra energy points that you were unable to use.

These are just some of the things that you need to familiarize yourself with if you are to fully understand Mafia Wars. Once you find your way around, it would be easier to advance to higher levels.

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