Mafia Wars: How to Get Started

Do you have a Facebook account? If you do, then you surely have been receiving invitations to play Mafia Wars. Such invitations may even be followed by phone calls, e-mails, and text messages which never seem to stop until you agreed to sign up and play. For neophytes like you, it is important to know first to basics before getting started in this amazing game.

About Mafia Wars

In the said game, there is a system that’s level based and this system provides rewards as you level up. There’s also the economic engine that gives reward once you make good choices and convert the money you’ve earned into passive income. This game also has a social networking facet that provides rewards as your friends increase. True, this game is very addictive because you can play well without spending much of your time.

The moment you log in, there’s a spiel that will excite you. There will also be a picture of your initial property plus a bar that contains your first stat. Among the stats are:


Every property you have will pay out every hour and each item with maintenance cost will be deducted from your earnings. To see how much you are earning, click on the Properties tab. In this tab, you’ll also see how much each property is costing you. There’s also a bank where you can save your money in.


Your income earned and a big portion of your XP is generated mainly because of energy. Every five minutes, it generates one point. In the ‘Doin’ the Job’ portion, you will be given a detailed breakdown on using your energy. It also discusses the speed leveling tactics in energy utilization. As soon as you start playing, you should focus mainly on items and jobs.


This stat naturally replenishes and the game doesn’t have a timer for such. Health is very important in boss fights. It determines the number of times you are assaulted every time a hit is sent to you. It also tells the number of fights you can get involved with before you heal.


This stat also regenerates. With this, you can attack and steal from other players and place hits on them. This also allows you to do sucker punching. To know the details on how you can use your stamina, go to Fightin’ and Robbin’ buttons in the Mafia Wars’ main menu. These will also lead you to a page that will give you tips on how you can triumph in more fights and how to avoid getting robbed too often. Like jobs, this is also another way to make XP.

How to Choose your Character

Changing your name if you’re already in the game will be a bit costly. So before joining in, think about the name you want to use. Among the most common names in this game is “Don” plus the player’s last name. Such name is followed by the characters coming from the Godfather. Make sure to make your name memorable and exceptional. When it comes to your character type, you can choose from the following:


With this character, the player’s health regenerates faster. Players with such character are also capable of being a Top Mafia Wheel Man who has the best exceptional ability.


If you’re a Mogul, you will experience a cash flow every 54 minutes. This is the sole character type that will make you a Bagman.


With this character in Mafia Wars, your energy will regenerate one point every three minutes. It also makes you qualify for being a Button Man who has a chance of winning the fight he sets off.

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