Mafia Wars How-Tos

So, you’re ready to take the challenge in Mafia Wars? Are you ready to build your empire and spread your influence in the game? If you are, then read on! Here are some tips to help you find your way to the top.

How do you win in this game? Well, you need to form your mafia. Although it’s optional, a mafia can help you in the accomplishment of tasks. You also need to perform jobs and fight enemies from other mafias, and you will need weapons and money to do these. This article aims to guide you and show you different ways to successfully play the game.

How to Grow Your Mafia

Growing your mafia is as simple as inviting your friends to be a part of your mafia, or joining their mafia once they invite you. You can also post a message in your status asking friends to join your team. With a mafia, you can send and receive energy packs and give and receive weapons for free. You can also get their help in fighting your enemies, doing jobs, and earning money.

How to Find Money

Almost everything you do and every move you take in Mafia Wars involves money. You need to buy weapons, you need to heal in a hospital whenever you’re injured in a fight, and all of these require money.

You can find money by performing a job like robbing a bank. Each job you perform corresponds to a certain amount of money that is added to your present earnings after you accomplish the tasks. Some tasks require weapon, so you need to buy them, spending money in the process. In cases like this, you need to spend in order to earn. But, you still get income in the end because the weapon you buy will remain with you and you can use it in other jobs.

You can also find money by fighting enemies. But, beware, not all fights will give you money-some may result in you losing money instead. For every fight you undertake, there’s a certain amount at stake. If you win the fight, you gain money. If you lose, you lose money as well.

You can buy properties. Again, this requires money to earn money. When you buy properties, they generate money (called “take”) that you can collect. Just be sure that you collect your take immediately or you may lose it.

How to Gain More Weapons

Weapons are very important when it comes to performing tasks and defeating your enemies. The higher the defense and offense points of your weapons, the greater the chance of you winning in a fight. There are different ways to find weapons in Mafia Wars. Among them are:

Buy them. If you have the money, you can buy your weapons. More expensive weapons usually have more points, making them more effective in fighting enemies.

Take them as loot. When you perform jobs, there are instances when you will find them as loot, added to the money you are able to earn.

Receive them from friends. Your friends can send you weapons as gifts, the same way you can also send them weapons as gifts. When someone sends you a gift, it is expected that you will send a gift in return. Sometimes, if you need a particular weapon or collectible, you can post it in your status so that your friends will see and will have an idea what to send you.

With all these tips, it will be easy for you to succeed in Mafia Wars.

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