Mafia Wars: The Basics

Mafia Wars encompasses different objectives such as growing your Mafia, leveling up your character, earning big income, maximizing your health, gaining remarkable titles, and completing collections.

Among the benefits of recruiting mafia members and growing the size of your group are:

1.It gives you the ability to buy more properties and businesses.

2.It makes you capable of purchasing strong extraordinary items.

3.It increases your possible cash payout from jobs.

4.You will have people to trade with so you can speedily complete your collections.

5.It flushes out your Top Mafia to gain bonuses.

6.It makes your mafia size eligible for unlocking Boss fights.

7.It increases your defenses and attacks both in defending yourself and in fighting other mafias.

8.It gives you the opportunity to meet new people with same interests.

Though you are not required to complete the maximum mafia size which is 501, it is advisable to make the size of your mafia proportionate to your level. This way, you can benefit a lot from the jobs you completed, unlock boss fights, and have a great chance and ability to protect your investments from getting robbed.

Leveling up Your Character

Once you level up your character, you’ll gain access to better and larger loot, items, and collection. Doing so also provides you with extra skill points, making you not just more efficient but also more deadly. Depending on your playing style and the amount of time you allot to the game, leveling up can either be simple or complicated. You will gain XP every time you win a fight or complete a job. Leveling up also resets your energy, health, and stamina to their present maximums. It also awards the player with five additional skill points.

As you level up, your stamina and energy completely replenish. It is hence important that nothing is left when the XP bar is topped off. If there’s an extra XP left, it will be carried over to the next level. So if you’ve finished a job that made you earn heavy XP, then you’ll have more spill over. Majority of your XP for any level come from doing and mastering jobs.

The moment you complete a job, you’ll receive a cash payout, XP, job mastery percentage, and certain bonus for your mafia size. Depending on the job, you can also get a collection item and an opportunity to loot.

Also, job mastery is essential because for each level, you will be given extra skill point. Once all jobs included in a particular level are mastered at level three, you will receive a special item along with a bonus. You cannot head on to the next level until you complete all the jobs in that category. To receive a title, you need to master a job tier. Through this, other mafia groups will see your progress.

In the early part of Mafia Wars, you should focus on gaining additional skill points by mastering jobs as fast as possible. You should also do your best to get maximum quantity of spill over XP every time you will level up. As you progress in the game, you can start to focus on loot and collections. And if you think your mafia is in fighting shape, you can consider leveling more speedily by fighting with other mafia groups.

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