Review of Star Wars: Battlefront II for PC:

Earlier the Star Wars: Battlefront I for PC enabled its fans to battle through missions and settings pulled straight from the movies. After considering the huge number of requests from their fans, LucasArts and Pandemic now presents ‘Star Wars: Battlefront II for PC’ this holiday season. In order to increase the game’s playability and enjoyment, many modifications and upgrades have been made in the Star Wars Battlefront II.

Star Wars: Battlefront II chases away the old Battlefront storyline. Battlefront II is based on a first-person story which follows Darth Vader’s elite 501st Legion of Storm Troopers and is inspired from various books, like Timothy Zahn’s and other publications – from the start and through the rest of the movie’s storyline satisfying the restless hearts of many hardcore fans.

The new Battlefront II has many new missions and online battles structured in it. Now you just don’t have to destroy and hold a power generator to win online. There is much more than that. Although the continuation in the Star Wars Battlefront II does not raze the exhilaration initiate in the first team-based game to be set in the Star Wars Universe. It contains over twenty different maps, twelve of them land based and on different planets, and eight at various space-based locations. In engages the players constantly in a fight. The objective of that fight is the control of capture points. Players reach the ultimate goal by following various maps. Each map is laid out so that the players can easily strategize a way to achieve the objective. It gives you the full control of both the infantry figures and the war vehicles. Best of all, it provides the players with an attractive objective. It enables you to jump between piloting different types of ships, including TIE Fighters, X-Wings, and a number of other famous Star Wars vessels during the space battles.

Battlefront II also allows you to form boarding parties with your friends and use them to take down an enemy’s spacecraft. Or you could simply fight dog fights as per your wish. Both the land and space-based vehicles will have a real upgraded and super fast speed and maneuverability. Moreover, it supports 16 players for PS2, 32 for X-box, and 64 for PC users for online play.

Players can choose one of two different strategies. Those players who enjoy face-to-face combat can employ a series of dogfights as a way to conquer the enemy forces. The vehicles participating in these dogfights could be star destroyers, frigates, or even smaller, flea-like fighters. The game players are free to use any combination of those vehicles that they choose An alternate strategy, one that requires a bit less fighting, involves the use of subterfuge. The player who has chosen this strategy must sneak onto an enemy craft and destroy it from the inside. Battlefront II increases the excitement of this subterfuge by creating ships that are scaled to appear very much like the real thing.

If one is very well skilled at subterfuge, one can even steal fighters. This really adds to the fun of Battlefront II. The one drawback to the game Battlefront II is the fact that it has a limited number of figure types. Players control only pilots and marines. If a fighter needs to be repaired, then the pilot has to repair it himself.

Another complaint expressed by some Battlefront II players is that all of the maps lead to similar multiplayer matches. What changes is the planet over which the battle takes place. And there are 24 different possible battles scenes, 24 different possible planets, including Mustafor, Utapau and Coruscant.

So, if a team of players, or if a single player, is very good at strategizing how to capture points, what do such individuals get as a reward. In Battlefront II the reward for gaining a certain number of points is the chance to have one player as the hero. The number of heroes is limited by the restriction of one hero per side per match. The hero is not that much more powerful than the other characters, but the enemy needs to unite if it wants to succeed at defeating the hero.

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