Tips For Survival In Mafia Wars

After you have started to familiarize yourself with the basics of Mafia Wars, the next question would be: how do you thrive and survive in the war? How do you guarantee a sure win? Well, you must start with more. You need to accumulate more.

More Mafia Members

Team up with other players. Recruit more mafia members. With more members in your mafia, you’ll enjoy more benefits:

You become stronger. The size of your mafia contributes to your strength. If you are against an enemy with a smaller mafia size, you have a great chance of winning.

You have more allies when you need help in fighting enemies. If a stronger enemy attacks you, there’s no use fighting back since you’ll probably just lose it. Instead, you can ask your mafia to attack the enemy for you.

You can exchange gifts with more people-weapons, collectibles, etc. You can use all these to make yourself stronger.

More Properties

The more properties you have, the more money you will earn without even having to work. Yes, you will need to invest here, but they will give you more income in the long run. All you have to do is collect your “take” after a certain amount of time without any effort on your part.

More Weapons

Weapons are important both when you accomplish jobs and fight enemies. Certain jobs require specific weapons-from weapons as simple as a crow bar to high tech ones like an armored sedan. When fighting enemies, on the other hand, the weapons you have determine your edge. More weapons and stronger ones mean more chances of winning.

You can find weapons as loot that you can get when you perform certain tasks. You can also buy them using your money, or you can receive them as gifts from the members in your mafia.

Other than getting and accumulating more, there are other techniques that you must familiarize yourself with if you want to guarantee your win in Mafia Wars.

Bank Your Money

This is very important to ensure that the money you earn will not be easily lost to fights and attacks. Even if you are offline, you may be attacked by other players, causing you to lose money. But, if you place your money inside a bank, you won’t be able to lose it as it will stay there secured. Remember, however, that the amount of money you deposit is deducted by 10 percent as bank fee. Nevertheless, the advantages are still greater.

Protect Your Property

You need to keep the health of your properties in full to keep them armed and impenetrable by robbers, members of other mafias who may try to rob you and attack your properties. When they succeed in doing that, you will lose the income that you’re supposed to earn.

Choose Your Enemy

And choose the best way to deal with them. You can’t attack just anybody. Other than probably finding enemies that are stronger than you are, there’s a great chance you’ll be included in the hit list a lot of time and your enemies will go against you. Remember that while there are enemies that you can attack, there are others that you will need to entrust to your mafia, or to be placed in a hit list.

With all these pointers in mind, succeeding in Mafia Wars should never be a problem.

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