Tips to Succeed in Mafia Wars

Are you a die-hard fan of the Mafia Wars? Then sure enough, you’ve already looked at various forms of useful Mafia Wars cheats and secrets. Just like other players, your goal is to be powerful, rich, and unbeatable in this addictive game.

The key to dominate this wonderful game is to use correct schemes and techniques to be able to enhance your mafia family speedily, make money in just a flick of a finger, and become the family’s don instantly.

Good thing, the internet is now flooded with lots of tips to help you achieve your goals. There are many blogs and online forums dedicated to Mafia fanatics out there. Most of these sites contain information such as deadly tactics that will make you the winner over and over again.

The first thing you need to do is to earn money by getting some jobs. But time will come that you no longer need to do some jobs just to make money; you only need to level up. Why? It is because your investments will be the ones to make money without requiring any work and effort from you.

Here are some tips that will help you succeed in Mafia Wars:

1.Safeguard your money by putting it in a bank.

Bear in mind that this is a game about mobs and during fights, you may never realize how fast you lose your bucks. So if you don’t want to lose some money, better put it in a safer place which is the bank.

2.Build a strong Mafia family.

This can be done by recruiting friends and other people who regularly play this amazing game. By so doing, you are not only making your family grow, you are also making it strong. Another way to keep your Mafia family strong is to help your friends and other members of your family do such strategy.

3.Purchase properties.

Make more money and utilize this to purchase properties. These properties will surely help you rule in various games.

4.Make sure you got excellent weapons.

If you have the best weapons, your defense and attack points will increase.

5.Go for the Maniac Class.

In such game, there’s one thing that’s more valuable than your money and that is energy. Money does not allow you to accomplish missions but energy does. It is one of the general mistakes players commit when they are starting out in this game. If you are in the Maniac class, you no longer have to think about energy issues.

6.Save energy packs.

In times of emergency, they will be very helpful.

7.Build your Mafia group patiently.

Before you can successfully establish a Mafia group, good planning is very necessary. Work independently at first until you are ready. This tactic will prove to be helpful as the game went on.

8.Keep yourself from being included in the “hitlist.”

If you don’t want to be constantly killed by your higher level opponents, do your best to avoid being on the “hitlist.”

9.Do not misuse your experience points on useless items.

Your points must be used only on energy and not on unnecessary items. This technique, however, should only be applied later in the game because doing so at present will just slow down your leveling. In Mafia Wars, you have to focus more on energy because it is one of the essential things that will make you level up speedily.

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